Special Moments at CornerStage

by Collette Bullock

What a pleasure it was to spend a bit of time this week with our leaders and kids at CornerStage. Mostly I was just an observer, but also had opportunities to interact with some of the kids. What I witnessed during these short visits was pretty amazing and I thought I’d share some of those moments. This year’s play “For Such a Time as This”, was written by Katrina and as the title hints, it is indeed based on the story of Esther from scripture – a modern day version.

  • A 16 year old girl shared her deep love for CornerStage – this is her 3rd year in a row and she described it as “the highlight of my entire year; I wish it was all year around”. 

  • Seeing the absolute joy on the faces of these kids as they performed the closing act of the show.

  • Watching our leaders act out a portion of the story of Esther as Katrina narrated from scripture.  This has been an ongoing daily activity that sets the scene for that day’s Bible lesson.

  • Kids thoroughly engaged during the small group Bible times as they discussed idols and the importance of always putting God first. Then taking that lesson and discovering how it relates to the play they are doing.

  • Being amazed by the curriculum that each of our leaders is teaching from and realizing the tremendous amount of work and heart that went into writing it. Way to go Katrina!

  • A young boy of about 9 or 10 volunteered to pray during his small group time and when he suddenly became too shy to do it, another young boy kindly tried to encourage him and then gladly took his place when asked.  Kids demonstrating grace.

  • Hilarious moments when the kids broke into 3 teams and each team improvised a short skit on the stage – their creativity, team-work and enthusiasm was fantastic!